Your gold isn’t always safe

in bank vaults

When it comes to Gold Bullion, where you store it really does matter. For some people, the primary choice for gold or bullion storage is banks. However, financial events worldwide continue to show that your gold isn’t always safe in bank vaults.

Security Issues Attributed to Bank Vaults

Recent financial events in different countries are demonstrating just how unstable the banking system is and how governments don’t always have the public’s best interests when economic turmoil arises. 

In the United States, for example, the government has reportedly seized more than $32 billion worth of unclaimed property in banks including uncashed dividend checks and safe deposit boxes to supposedly safe keep them. However, it has been revealed that not all of these properties are not unclaimed. This resulted in a Class Action Lawsuit against the state of California in 2008. 

Let’s not forget bail-in legislation that is currently in effect in various countries in Europe, America and North America and Australia! which practically gives banks free rein on how much to confiscate from their depositors in times of financial crisis. The European Union has declared that all deposit amounts above  €100,000 can be reasonably confiscated. 

Meanwhile, when the Greek economy collapsed in 2015, many depositors have found that they have not only lost their jobs, homes, and livelihoods but also the ability to withdraw funds from their banks as directed by the government. This has happened in Cyprus as well and there’s no telling how bad things will be should the same economic downturn happen in Australia.

Private Vaults Australia as a More Secure Alternative

Storing gold and Bullion outside of the banking system is your best bet, when it comes to keeping your bullion investments secure. You need to keep your gold in a place where you can maximize your control over these assets while minimizing the access by other entities such as the banks and governments.

At Private Vaults Australia, we understand that your gold isn’t always safe in bank vaults.  This is why we offer storage services for your bullion as well as for other assets you want to safeguard from potential government confiscation.

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems.  Only registered clients will be allowed access to the “back of house” where we have our Safety Deposit Boxes and other storage solutions.  We have four layers of security ranging from digital entry, biometric scanners, and your own key and locks on your boxes.  All of this is overseen by a state of the art  24/7 Class 1, security monitoring with specific security zones to limit the access to only our approved clients.

Since we are not connected to the banking system, the gold, bullion and precious items you store in our private vault is kept away from government confiscation and remains safe from a financial crisis.

However, if a registered Government representative with an appropriate court order we are compelled to allow access. This can only occur by your Safety Deposit Box lock being drilled out by a locksmith.  You have the right to be present when and if this should ever occur.

Private Vaults Australia can never access your safe deposit box.

We are conveniently located at Unit 3, 73 Redcliffe Parade and Baker Street, Redcliffe Qld. 4020.  Please call ahead to make an appointment.

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