What are Safety Deposit Boxes?

When it comes to keeping your valuable possession safe, the floorboards in your bedroom just won’t cut it. If you want to keep your priceless possessions safe from perils like theft, water damage, fire, tampering, or if you want to keep your wealth away from potential economic distress or third-party intrusion, your best bet is a safety deposit box.

Today, we’ll be answering the question, “what are safety deposit boxes” and why you need to get one.

Safety Deposit Boxes Defined

A safety deposit box is an individually secured container usually held within a larger vault in a guarded facility. They are used to house anything that has value including but not limited to precious metals, family heirlooms, pieces of fine art, luxury goods, important documents, and even computer data.

Safety deposit boxes are often used to secure properties from damage due to fire and flood, from theft, and to secure one’s wealth.

Up until recently, safety deposit boxes are housed in banks vaults, credit unions, and post offices. But today, there are private vaulting facilities all over the world.

Security and Safety Deposit Boxes

The number one benefit of safety deposit boxes is the security and safety they afford the individuals using them. A lot of boxes today can withstand fire and flood as well as hurricanes and tornadoes. They are also armed with security features that help prevent forceful opening and access to the box.

Safe deposit boxes in private facilities offer far greater security than those found in homes and in banks. They provide security and safety for your valuables along with absolute and total privacy.

Facilities like Private Vaults Australia offer top-notch security measures that ensure the all-around protection of your treasured items. Some of the standard measures you can expect include receiving a unique security key and lock for your safe deposit box, CCTV monitoring, and biometric scanners.

Moreover, private facilities are often housed in buildings with that use the finest and best materials not only the construction of their vaults but also in their building itself.

In addition, safety deposit boxes also offer better protection for your wealth should you decide to store hard assets like bullion and jewellery or stock and bond certificates because of their independent nature. These facilities are outside the banking system and are therefore safe from bank runs.  

Things You Can Store in Safety Deposit Boxes

There is a wide range of items you can store in a safe deposit box. As a general rule, however, you should only keep personal possessions that you cannot afford to lose. This includes:

  • Collectables, coin and stamp collections, first edition item such as Books, Toys, Records
  • Negotiable investment instruments like bonds, stock certificates
  • Family heirlooms, Jewellery, Diamonds, Medals
  • Bullion (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rare earth metals)
  • Foreign currency
  • Artwork, Paintings, carvings, and figurines
  • Irreplaceable family items, Pictures, cutlery, crockery
  • Vital backup drives and data files from your PC
  • Cryptocurrency Key Chains

Bear in mind that you can only access safe deposit boxes in private facilities if you pre-arrange it first. So it’s best to avoid storing items that you would need to access immediately.

Your Best Option for Safety Deposit Boxes in Brisbane

For many people, bank vaults are their go-to when it comes to safety deposit boxes but the truth is, they aren’t always the safest option plus this service has stopped being offered as many banks are downsizing and no longer offering this service. Between cases of bank break-ins, the dangers of the bank-bail in law, and the potential for bank runs, you’re better off choosing a different route.

You can also get a home safe but as you know, storing valuable and hard-to-replace items around the house increases your risk for theft and robbery. What’s more, typical home safes aren’t as resistant to fire and flood.  

If you’re in the Brisbane area, your best option is a private vaulting facility where you can keep your valuables safe from theft, robbery, fire, flood, and third-party intrusion. At Private Vaults Australia, we offer you the kind of peace of mind and security that neither bank safes nor home safes can afford you.  Private Vaults Australia offers the only flood free facility in Brisbane.

For less than $6 a week, you can keep currencies, important documents, jewellery, priceless antiques, and bullion at our purpose-built safe deposit box facility armed with state-of-the-art security.

If you want to know more about our safety deposit boxes, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 888 782 or write to us at help@privatevaults.com.au.

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