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Invest in precious metals for your Retirement

Can your Super Fund invest in precious metals?

Precious metals have proven to be a popular asset to act as an insurance policy for wealth preservation throughout history. So how can you invest in gold, silver and platinum for your retirement portfolio?

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) allows Trustees to choose the assets to suit their risk profile and investment strategy. Superannuation protects your wealth and assets until the day you retire and a SMSF allows you to choose how you manage for your retirement saving.

PVA has many clients who have invested in precious metals as a strategy to preserve the value of their retirement fund using their SMSF.

Safeguarding your future


The importance of a diversified portfolio

Precious metals are an asset many investors seek when economic markets are uncertain. Why is this so?

Gold is an insurance policy that can preserve wealth. It’s like a rainy-day fund to protect you against falling real estate prices, sporadic inflations, and volatile global market conditions. You may also increase your wealth along the way if gold or silver appreciates as it has done for the past decade.

  • Unlike other investments, gold, silver and platinum will always be considered precious.
  • Physical precious metals have no 3rd party risk
  • Bullion is a great tool to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth (insurance) – precious metals have a longstanding track record
  • There is potential to see a higher return on your investment, if and when the value appreciates.

What type of precious metals are most suitable for SMSF’s?


There are a number of things SMSF Trustees should consider when selecting the most appropriate assets for their SMSF portfolios:

  • Liquidity & ability to quickly buy and sell
  • Correlation to other assets in their portfolio
  • Asset’s purpose such as a crisis or inflation hedge
  • Fees & costs such as audit & insurance

To address many of the points above, a logical choice to invest in precious metals for your SMSF is to choose a Pool Allocated product.

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Am I able to view the current value of all bullion stored in my private vault?

Yes. By logging in to our secure website, you can gain immediate access to your account statements, enabling you to view all information pertaining to your holdings at the moment of purchase, end of financial year and on-demand.

Is the purity of all bullion sold by you, guaranteed?

Yes. All bars are manufactured to the utmost standards of accuracy and quality. We have a reputation for excellence and only sell the finest bullion.

How can I be certain my assets are secure?

All bullion held within our facility is insured for its full replacement value. The purpose-built vault and showroom offers state-of-the-art security. Audits are performed on a frequent basis to ensure ongoing conformity, integrity and clarity. You can log in to your account through our website at any time to view your account statements at the moment of purchase, at the end of financial year and on-demand.

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