Jewellery Storage

We have created a world class independent Safety Deposit Box facility. We wanted a vault where our clients have complete discretion, unparallel security and absolute peace of mind.


Jewellery is among some of the proudest possessions for men and women alike. All things precious, are prone to being stolen or damaged if not cared for appropriately. The average home is simply not built to offer the special security for your jewellery storage and valuable items.

Keep your valuables safe while lowering home insurance costs by storing them in our state-of-the-art facility.

An analysis of items stolen in Australian burglaries, reveal the top ten items most likely to be taken. Changes in these items over the last decade mirror changes in technology and what are considered HOT items.  Hot items refer to, not just their value, but how easy they are to dispose of or sell.

Top 10 HOT items stolen

  1. Cash
  2. Laptops
  3. Jewellery
  4. Cameras
  5. Phones
  6. Wallets, handbags, purses
  7. Identification Documents
  8. Televisions
  9. Computer and video game equipment
  10. Watches

You must ensure that these kinds of items are locked away safely.  Many people use a home safe which has inadequate rating for the good held. Even a correctly rated safe does not protect you from home invasion or violent robbery.

A better solution is in a secure premise for when these items are not in use.  This helps protect you and your family.  If it is known that you store cash and jewellery around your home, you make yourself a target. Many Burglars have been known to wait until you have replaced insured or stolen items to retarget your home, for a second burglary.

Having a jewelry storage box FOR JEWELLERY at Private Vaults Australia, gives you the peace of mind and security for your personal valuable and irreplaceable jewellery.  Your family heirlooms, special items you wish to pass from generation to generation, are secure for your family’s future.  You reduce the risk of personal injury and attack while increasing your safety in your own home.

Jewellery Storage and Valuations

Our third-party jewellery valuers are qualified, experienced and registered with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV). After lodging your request, you will be issued with a quote, upon your expectance a jewellery valuation will be issued within a quoted time frame.

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You are only allowed to keep items which are Lawful, and you may not store anything that is of an illegal nature.
If we become aware of any breaches, your lease will be terminated immediately.

The Best Private Vault In Town

Private Vaults Australia is independent and separate to the banking system. Therefor all your items stored in PVA are guaranteed to be safe from the Australian governments Bank bail in law or a Fiat Currency collapse

2 Months Free, No long term commitment necessary.*  Limited spots available.