Bullion Storage

Premium Bullion Storage

Tailored to the growing strong market demand for Bullion, Private Vaults Australia is committed to providing a distinguished Bullion Storage service with high degree of privacy and security. We not only guarantee first-class protection for your valuable assets but also offer an intimate, considerate and premium customer service.

Private Vaults Australia has a diverse range of storage options. The opportunity for you to privately store from 10kg to 350kg of bullion. Each storage choice comes with a unique 2 key opening system. One key held privately by the client and an added level of security is the additional requirement of a Private Vault Australia guard having to also insert the custodial key to open the box, this provides double protection all stored in a purpose built international standard Vault.


  • Independently owned and operated; An independent, non-bank, non-Government facility
  • Free unlimited client access
  • Complimentary $20,000 Insurance on rentals
  • Additional insurance packages are available upon request
  • Insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London
  • International standard and unparalleled State of the Art security with 24-hour monitoring
  • Private viewing rooms for private and discreet environment
  • Discount available for long term rentals
  • Complete peace of mind and confidentiality
  • Personal & business customers welcome
  • Services including bullion procurement, inventory audits, valuations and transportation
  • Meets SMSF regulations for collectibles in your fund
  • Procure and store Bullion in one location
  • Competitive pricing

Which Storage Solution is right for you?

Safety Deposit Box Storage


Am I able to view the current value of all bullion stored in my private vault?

Yes. By logging in to our secure website, you can gain immediate access to your account statements, enabling you to view all information pertaining to your holdings at the moment of purchase, end of financial year and on-demand.

Is the purity of all bullion sold by you, guaranteed?

Yes. All bars are manufactured to the utmost standards of accuracy and quality. We have a reputation for excellence and only sell the finest bullion.

How can I be certain my assets are secure?

All bullion held within our facility is insured for its full replacement value. The purpose-built vault and showroom offers state-of-the-art security. Audits are performed on a frequent basis to ensure ongoing conformity, integrity and clarity. You can log in to your account through our website at any time to view your account statements at the moment of purchase, at the end of financial year and on-demand.

The Best Private Vault In Town

Private Vaults Australia is independent and separate to the banking system. Therefor all your items stored in PVA are guaranteed to be safe from the Australian governments Bank bail in law or a Fiat Currency collapse

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