Document Storage

A world-class independent safety deposit box facility where you have complete discretion, unparalleled security, and absolute peace of mind.

Document Storage (Brisbane & Surrounding Areas)

Is your vital information securely stored and protected 24/7/365?

Prioritising Privacy and Security of your document is paramount. Privacy has become extremely important in identification and information management. The best practice is to centralise documents data in a secure facility under 24-hour surveillance.

Although the world is going paperless, important documents are still part of our lives. We all have files and folders containing critical information such as house deeds, certificates, bonds and many more important documents that are vulnerable to damage.

We offer plenty of document storage options to individuals and businesses living in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Whether you have a small number of personal documents or a large stack of business paperwork or corporate files, we protect them for you in a cost-effective manner.

Secure document storage items:

  • Private or personal document storage
  • Financial records storage
  • Legal document storage
  • Medical records storage

At Private Vaults Australia, we have fire resistant storage which are optimized to protect your special items against fire – no matter what is contained inside, and without compromising on the usual safety requirements of a safe.

Product Information

Private Vaults Australia chooses single-use bags manufactured from an opaque COEX material card and utilises a high-security tamper evident tape (resistant to temperature, moisture, and solvent-based tampering). The non-see-through nature of the material provides complete privacy making them very discreet. The bags have writable surfaces and printed with unique serial numbers and have a corresponding barcode for convenience.

Document Storage

SCEC Approved –


  • Serial numbered
  • Entire surface capable of being written on with most markers and pens
  • Tear-off receipt for record keeping
  • Gold level security tape is resistant to temperature, moisture, and solvent-based tampering
  • Material – Polyethylene (PE) plastic
  • Security Closure – X-Safe Level 2

Private Vaults Australia’s SCEC-approved bag commonly used for the following applications outside of our facility.

  • Confidential documents transfer
  • Coins, money & cheques transfer
  • Duty-free & airport retail shops
  • Police investigation & prison
  • Government & medical

Once your documents are placed inside the tamper-evident bag, they are then placed inside a heavy duty box labelled to each client individually and then placed inside our storage vault.

The safe storage of your information is a sensitive issue to you and therefore is important to us. A secure document storage solution not only protects your personal or business information and files, but it also keeps them organised and easily accessible. Document storage is a must for maintaining both your privacy and personal protection.

Located in North Brisbane, Private Vaults Australia is your document storage and privacy solution.  You can trust us to securely store your documents and maintain your anonymity.

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You are only allowed to keep items which are lawful and you may not store anything that is illegal.
If we become aware of any breaches, we will terminate your lease immediately.

The Best Private Vault In Town

Private Vaults Australia is independent and separate from the banking system. Therefore, all your items stored in PVA are guaranteed safe from the Australian government’s bank bail-in law or a fiat currency collapse.

2 months free. No long-term commitment necessary. Limited spots available.