Cold Cryptocurrency Storage Solutions

Cold Cryptocurrency Storage Solutions

When it comes to the storage of your assets you want nothing but the best form of security for peace of mind. Whether it be physical or digital, money or goods for that matter, you want them to be in good hands. Using a Private Vault is by far the best solution.

Cryptocurrency storage is no different, and one of the most trustworthy security systems is called ‘cold storage.’

Simply put, it means storing your Cryptocurrency offline to reduce access to hackers. Here’s how you can easily freeze your coins for safekeeping in cold cryptocurrency storage solutions.


Simple Hardware Solutions

Safety is of the utmost importance in the cryptocurrency world. Since crypto assets are digital, the methods of safeguarding the assets must be digital also. Just like a physical wallet stores paper currency, a digital wallet is designed to store cryptocurrencies.

For those, of you who don’t know about hardware wallets, they are small USB like device with a minimal digital interface capable of storing private keys of different cryptocurrencies.

To move your assets into cold storage using a hardware solution, the easiest way is just to keep the private key to your digital wallet saved as a file on a USB stick. This way the only way to steal your coins is with the USB wallet in hand, as long as you’ve made sure there is no other copy of the private key left on any device connected to the internet of course.



There are various methods of storing cryptocurrencies such as:

  • On a Hardware Wallets USB drive or any other type of data storage medium and holding it in a secure place.
  • On a paper wallet (an obsolete storage method that works by having a single private key and coin address on paper).
  • By using an offline cryptocurrency hardware/cold wallet

Once you have the wallet you will need to store it in a secure facility. There is no better solution than a facility which provides Safe Deposit Boxes. Banks that still offer this service are not the best option due to the Bank Bai in Law, so using a private facility is the best practise for security of your wealth.



People who want to trade or make frequent purchases with their cryptocurrency assets will often choose a hot wallet over cold storage. But often, they only store the amount needed for the short term, with the bulk of the digital assets safely tucked away in cold storage. The USB is kept secure in a safe deposit box. This ensures the holdings in the cold wallet are not able to be transferable across the Internet. Be that as it may, hot wallets tend to face security issues much more frequently than cold storage methods.



Hardware wallet is the easiest and the most hassle-free way of storing cryptocurrencies offline.
Hardware wallets can support more than 1000 coins and tokens on their devices which is a huge opportunity to safeguard your cryptocurrencies in cold storage.

In conclusion, you should really get a hardware wallet if you have cryptocurrency and want to be as secure as possible. There are always possible attacks to be on the lookout for, such as man-in-the-middle attacks and fake/compromised hardware wallets (always buy directly from the company, never use a site like eBay). A hardware wallet is not guaranteed safety. A hardware wallet stored in a safe deposit box in a facility like Private Vaults Australia plus some vigilance is the safest bet for you for cold crypto storage solutions.

You are only allowed to keep items which are Lawful, and you may not store anything that is of an illegal nature.
If we become aware of any breaches, your lease will be terminated immediately.

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