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Why Buy Gold And Silver Bullion?

If you are seeking a dependable asset to incorporate to your existing portfolio, precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum have been regarded as an essential addition by financiers, for countless years now. These metals have special qualities as an asset class and a moderate quantity can help safeguard and strengthen the performance of your portfolio.*

*World Gold Council, Gold Investor: Risk management and capital preservation, Volume 4, Why invest in gold?, October 2013

buy-gold-silver-bullion-brisbaneThe future outlook for precious metals is always favourable, as demand always exceeds supply.

buy-gold-silver-bullion-brisbanePrecious metals are high achievers in unpredictable markets and do not change in accordance with other conventional asset classes.

buy-gold-silver-bullion-brisbaneAvailability of bullion has increased, through a series of products.

buy-gold-silver-bullion-brisbaneAll precious metal bars are tangible assets that have intrinsic value and are protected from inflation and depreciation.

buy-gold-silver-bullion-brisbaneBullion has value right throughout the world and can be readily traded at any time.

buy-gold-silver-bullion-brisbaneInvesting in precious metals through vendors and online traders is easy and affordable.

 The future outlook is positive

The future outlook for metals such as gold and silver is favourable, as demand eclipses supply. In 2014, gold mines accounted for under three quarters of total demand and given that major banks no longer buy surplus amounts of the precious metal, the jewellery, industrial and investment markets’ appetite for gold has to be satisfied using reprocessed gold.

Because platinum, gold and silver all have inherent value, they are more resistant to the impacts of economic uncertainty and do not correspond with other asset types such as property, shares and currency. This makes them an attractive option for portfolio diversification.

In recent times, gold has become easier for investors to obtain, due to a number of advancements, from both the tangible such as bars and coins to securities such as Gold Backed Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s). Precious metals are an important addition to every investment portfolio and unlike ordinary currency, their quantity cannot be manipulated by a government, helping to safeguard it against the effects of inflation and depreciation.

These days, it’s a whole lot easier for investors to buy gold and silver bullion for sale, with opportunities available, depending on the purpose for buying. Investors are able to buy and sell straight back to vendors and online merchants immediately, at the current spot price, so expanding or downsizing your portfolio is very straightforward.

You are only allowed to keep items which are Lawful, and you may not store anything that is of an illegal nature.
If we become aware of any breaches, your lease will be terminated immediately.

Why Buy Gold and Platinum – FREE eBooks

These booklets have been compiled to help assist you in your investment decisions when buying precious metals, along with an explanation of the reasoning behind such decisions. These books are not only targeted at newcomers looking to buy gold, silver and PGM’s (Platinum Group Metals) for the first time, but also veteran investors seeking expert advice on future investments.

To download your FREE eBooks, simply click the links below or your desired booklet.




How can I purchase bullion from Gold Bullion Australia, Redcliffe?

There are several options for buying bullion from Gold Bullion Australia, Redcliffe  (GBAR):

  • Online: https://privatevaults.com.au/contact/
  • Phone: 1300 888 782
  • Email: help@privatevaults.com.au
  • Public trading office: unit 3 / 73 Redcliffe Pde, Redcliffe, QLD 4020

Can I view your showroom?

Yes. Our purpose built showroom is open Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. It situated at Unit 3 / 73 Redcliffe Pde, Redcliffe QLD 4020.

How are the real-time prices determined and what is a spot price?

The prices for gold and silver are specified in USD and the spot price represents the paper share price that the precious metals are traded for globally. The spot price is converted to the local currency and additional expenses are added to compensate for fabrication and delivery costs.

Does my bullion have to be stored in your vaulting facility or can I choose to take it home?

The decision is entirely up to you. If you do choose to take it with you, be sure to keep it in a highly secure place. Treat it with the same level of care and responsibility as you would if it were cash. If you would instead prefer to eliminate the dangers of storing it at your own location, GBA has a purpose-built, fully custodial private vaulting facility at Gold Bullion Australia Treasury Reserve (GBATR).

We are able to organise the immediate storage of your precious metal purchases within a maximum security compound, allowing you to acquire and store your valuables with complete assurance against theft or damage. All bullion is insured for its complete replacement value.

There are a range of secure storage solutions available with different pricing options, so please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. As a client of GBA, you will have instant access to all details concerning your investment holdings, including valuations, transactions and statements.


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