Custodian Vaults

A world class independent Safety Deposit Box facility where you have complete discretion, unparallel security and absolute peace of mind.

Private Storage or Full Custodian Vault Services

Gold Bullion Australia Treasury Reserve (GBATR) has an agreement with GBA to supply each client with a comprehensive, fully insured and totally secure storage service. All bullion sales are performed by GBA, while GBATR expedites all vault and insurance related matters, such as the safe transmission of all transactions between
safe-deposit-box-brisbaneYour bullion is stored in a first class, purpose-built private vault that delivers maximum security.
safe-deposit-box-brisbaneLooking to sell? Just phone us to negotiate a price and we’ll transfer the agreed-upon amount straight into your account.
safe-deposit-box-brisbaneAll stored items are completely insured for the replacement value of your bullion.
safe-deposit-box-brisbanePurchase precious metals with confidence. All bullion can be picked up from us directly, or delivered at a cost.
safe-deposit-box-brisbaneYou have direct access to an online account that provides you with precise asset valuation data, transaction info and account details.
safe-deposit-box-brisbaneOur private vaults are an ideal solution for SMSF’s, with insurance and monthly reviewed private storage accounts within a fully secure facility.

Which storage solution is right for you?

1. Pool Allocated Bullion Storage

A versatile storage solution and cost-efficient way to for buying, selling and trading bullion.

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  • Securely stored at the GBA purpose-built private vault and fully insured under the custodial agreement at no expense to you.
  • Being bulk stored in bar form allows bullion to be easily traded. Being fully supported by GBA, your investments are able to be readily transformed into bullion for a small cost.
  • This option enables you to trade near to the live precious metal spot price
  • Perfect for those who are regular traders
  • All stored bullion is protected in a state-of-the-art former bank vault and is fully insured through GBATR
  • Take full ownership of your bullion through payment of a barring fee, where it can then be manufactured into a specific size. You can then collect it from us or have it delivered straight to you for a small charge.
  • You can choose to sell your bullion whenever you please. GBATR will transport it straight to GBA to be sold. Once a price has been negotiated, the agreed-upon amount will be deposited into your chosen bank account.

2. Private Serial Numbered Bar Storage

For those who desire to have uniquely numbered and verified bullion to be held and monitored in our secure storage facility.

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  • Buy marked bullion directly from GBA. Every bar is hallmarked with its own exclusive number for efficient monitoring and storage. Be certain to ask for vaulting.
  • Your numbered bars are held under your chosen account name
  • Ideal for those seeking marked bullion for auditing purposes
  • Secure storage and insurance expenses do apply (please refer to table below).

3. Allocated Bullion Storage

For particular denomination and kinds of bullion acquired from GBA to be safeguarded in our purpose-built, fully secure vault.

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  • This bullion does not possess a serial number, but is instead imprinted with weight, mint mark and purity stamps
  • All bullion is stored with other customers’ bars of the exact size
  • All bullion can be retrieved or delivered as desired. However, as your bullion is stored with everyone else’s, you most likely won’t receive your original bars. This isn’t a cause for concern though, as you will still get bullion of the exact same weight and purity as your own.
  • Please be advise: secure storage and insurance expenses do apply (please refer to table below).

4. Private Storage

For those who have bought bullion from an outside tender and wish for them to securely held.

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  • You have existing bars or currency and wish for them to be placed in our vault and insured by GBATR
  • Photos will be taken of your bullion, before being officially certified, weighed and secured in a tamper-resistant storage box
  • You are issued with a unique reference number for each container
  • Secure storage and insurance expenses do apply (please refer to table below).

Storage Fees

Pool AllocatedAllocatedStored Serial Number BarsPrivate Storage
Gold Storage FeesFree0.65%0.85%0.85%
Silver Storage FeesFree1.25%1.50%1.50%
Full Replacement InsuranceYESYESYESYES
Storage Fees InvoicedN/AQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterly
Minimum PurchaseNil1 Oz gold or 1kg silver1kg gold or 15kg silver or Private holdings1kg gold or 15kg silver or Private holdings
Bullion BarsOwnership of part of a larger barIndividual denomination barsIndividual serial number bars or private holdingsIndividual serial number bars or private holdings
DocumentationTax Invoice & StatementTax Invoice & StatementTax Invoice, Serial bar numbers & StatementTax Invoice, Serial bar numbers & Statement

You are only allowed to keep items which are Lawful, and you may not store anything that is of an illegal nature.
If we become aware of any breaches, your lease will be terminated immediately.


Am I able to view the current value of all bullion stored in my private vault?

Yes. By logging in to our secure website, you can gain immediate access to your account statements, enabling you to view all information pertaining to your holdings at the moment of purchase, end of financial year and on-demand.

Is the purity of all bullion sold by you, guaranteed?

Yes. All bars are manufactured to the utmost standards of accuracy and quality. We have a reputation for excellence and only sell the finest bullion.

How can I be certain my assets are secure?

All bullion held within our facility is insured for its full replacement value. The purpose-built vault and showroom offers state-of-the-art security. Audits are performed on a frequent basis to ensure ongoing conformity, integrity and clarity. You can log in to your account through our website at any time to view your account statements at the moment of purchase, at the end of financial year and on-demand.

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