We offer Safety Deposit Boxes, Buy and Sell Bullion, Document & Data Storage, Jewellery and Currency Storage plus much more

Private Vaults Australia

You have found a Secure Space for Peace of Mind.
Know the things you value most are in one safe, easily accessible place with low annual fees.
Our easy and accessible facility, offers various services to fit your needs.
Protect what can’t be replaced.
You don’t have to have big or expensive things to put in a safety deposit box, as long as they’re worth something to you it is worth securing. Our security measures, procedures, protocols and customer service surpass that of existing banking institutional facilities.
We provide our Customers with highest standard available.


Safe Deposit Boxes

We have the only private vaulted storage facility in North Brisbane.  Our very high-quality safe deposit boxes with a United Laboratories (UL) rated locks which are then secured inside our United Laboratories (UL) rated vault. Our entry procedures have been designed to maximize protection for your valuables and irreplaceable documents.

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Bullion Sales

The wonderful thing about precious metals is their intrinsic value, which is easily identifiable and would even be exchangeable for goods and services in deeply troubling times.  A couple of kilos of gold would not be difficult to take with you should you need to flee from political turmoil or natural disasters.

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Bullion Storage

Our State of the Art facilty has been designed to ensure the highest security for your valuables.  Therefore buying or storinging your precious metals is done with ease all at the one location.  We can also assist you in secure movement of your bullion when needed.

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Document Storage

Is your vital information securely stored and protected 24/7/365?  Prioritising Privacy and Security of your document is paramount. Privacy has become vitally important in identification and information management. The best practice is to centralise documents data in a secure facility, under 24-hour surveillance.

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Jewellery Storage

Jewellery is among some of the proudest possessions for men and women alike. All things precious, are prone to being stolen or damaged if not cared for appropriately. The average home is simply not built to offer the special security or storage needs for your jewellery and valuable items.

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Currency Storage

At Private Vaults Australia we are not telling you not to have your cash in the bank, but we do suggest everyone should strive to have an amount equivalent to three months’ worth of income in a safe deposit box; in case of emergencies, offering you peace of mind if ever needed.

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Super Fund Investment

Precious metals have proven to be a popular asset to act as an insurance policy for wealth preservation throughout history. So how can you invest in gold, silver and platinum for your retirement portfolio?

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Custodial Vaulting

Gold Bullion Australia Treasury Reserve (GBATR) has a strategic alliance with GBA to provide you with a fully insured secure storage service.



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Bullion Delivery

We offer three delivery options – general courier, security courier or specialised delivery. The appropriate service is determined by the weight and value of your purchase.


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Cold Cryptocurrency Storage Solutions

When it comes to the storage of your assets you want nothing but the best form of security for peace of mind. Whether it be physical or digital, money or goods for that matter, you want them to be in good hands.

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No Stress Cold Data Storage

What is Cold Data Storage? – Cold Data is critical information/data, which you cannot afford to lose, you may never need it, but you might. Therefore, finding a cost-effective No Stress Cold Data Storage is the best way to store extremely important data.

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Security and Privacy

Unlike the banks and other financial institutions, we are a private facility where security and safety of your valuables is matched by absolute and total privacy.

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Complimentary Insurance – of $20,000 is included per safety deposit box,
Additional Insurance premiums are available as little as $31 / annum for every additional $10,000 through our third-party insurance brokers.

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Protect Your Wealth & Assets

2 Months Free, No long term commitment necessary.*  Limited spots available.

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