Security and Privacy

A world-class independent safety deposit box facility where you have complete discretion, unparalleled security, and absolute peace of mind.

Security and Privacy

Unlike the banks and other financial institutions, we are a private facility where security and safety of your valuables is matched by absolute and total privacy.

Private Vaults Australia’s continual purpose of safe deposit box service is security first. Therefore we selected the finest and most robust materials in constructing our vaults and safes.

Our vault: Experienced professionals constructed our sturdy vaults. They used durable materials to build a storage that complies with the standards of a quality-assured United Laboratories-rated vault.

Absolute privacy – We offer confidential viewing and private suites you can book online.

Secure Access – You can enter our facility via a two-point entry into the vaulted area that requires facial recognition and a pin code during business hours only. The vault is time locked outside of operating hours and no access is available to anyone.

Book online or contact us on 1300 888 782 for secure storage services.

2 months free, No long-term commitment necessary. * Limited spots are available.

You are only allowed to keep items which are lawful, and you may not store any illegal items.
If we become aware of any breaches, we will terminate your lease immediately.

The Best Private Vault Around

Private Vaults Australia is independent and seperate to the banking system. Therefore, all your items stored in PVA are guaranteed safe from the Australian government’s bank-in law or a fiat currency collapse.