Protect your Bullion with the Right Storage

Bullion has been the traditional means of investing for the last few thousand years. It can be bought in a variety of methods Gold (the most common) Silver and Platinum. As each of these is seen as a commodity which has an inherent value compared to fiat currency, which has no real inherent value.

You can buy bullion from various bullion trading companies like Private Vaults Australia or from local mints in Australia. Because Bullion is a commodity and seen as a method of exchange no GST applies to it. In this blog, we will explore the best way to protect your bullion with the right storage.

Why Invest in Bullion?

We live in a highly volatile financial market today where things can be smooth-sailing one day and plummeting the next. One-way investors protect their wealth against the many risks of the financial market such as sudden inflation is by investing in gold and other bullion. These precious metal are an attractive option for investors since it can serve as:

1) a hedge against declining currency such as the US dollar;

2) a safe haven against potential economic collapse; and

3) a direct investment.

While gold and silver is not used as a currency today, it is still money with a long-term store of value. It is an excellent way to protect your wealth as it has the capacity to outlast any fiat currency. Even if its price fluctuates over the years, its intrinsic value remains intact.

As a tangible asset, Bullion is not used up unlike typical commodities like oil. Moreover, they are safe from risks commonly affecting paper and digital assets such as physical damage or hacking.

This precious metal is also a private and confidential form of wealth offering you anonymity, and therefore a certain level of security.

Finally, bullion has a universal value and is easily convertible to CASH. It is highly liquid and can be sold for cash or traded for goods.

Secure Gold Storage Options

One of the best things about investing in bullion such as gold is that it is simple and easy to store as it takes up very little space. There are three known ways for gold storage. The first one is keeping them at home in a safe, underground, floor safes, or other secure home storage options; the second is by putting them in a bank managed safety deposit boxes, and the third is through private vaults offering safe deposit boxes.

Of the three options, private vaults are the most secure gold storage method. These facilities are purposely built to keep physical assets such as gold bullions and hard-to-replace documents safe from any harm.

Whereas home storage options are susceptible to theft and burglary and damage caused by fires, storms, and earthquakes; and banks and financial institutions offering safety deposit boxes may be at risk of sequestration, private facilities ensure that your assets are safely tucked away from those who might want to take them away from you as well as from any physical damage brought about by disaster and calamities.

Protecting Your Gold Assets with Private Vaults Australia

If you are in Australia, the best way to protect your precious bullions is through gold storage. However, not all companies that offer vault storage services are created equal. This is where Private Vaults Australia (PVA) comes in.

PVA is committed to providing a distinguished safe deposit box service with a high degree of privacy and security. We not only guarantee the first-class protection for your valuable assets but also offer an intimate, considerate and premium customer service.

Our safe deposit boxes and storage solutions are kept secure with our purpose-built facility with state-of-the-art security systems. Access is granted only to a client of their safe deposit boxes via multiple layers of security, including facial recognition and youare the only key holder with access. We offer $20,000 complimentary insurance, unlimited access plus private viewing rooms.

If you want to keep your gold and bullion investments safe and secure, look no further than Private Vaults Australia where you can protect your bullion with the right storage.


Peter Hobson

My background involves the ownership of many businesses including owning and running multiple Chiropractic offices but mainly focused in Nerang on the Gold Coast for 30 Years.

I have a passion for accumulating and holding Bullion and have done so for many years. My extensive Business skills and Bullion knowledge makes it easy to assist others buying, selling and storing their Bullion.

Peter and Cassie work together to assist anyone from the experienced Bullion Investors to the complete novice. They are here to answer any questions to help you.

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