About Us

A world class independent Safety Deposit Box facility where you have complete discretion, unparallel security and absolute peace of mind.

Private Vaults Australia

Tailored to the strong market demand for high-end safe deposit box, Private Vaults Australia is committed to providing a distinguished safe deposit box service with high degree of privacy and security. We not only guarantee the first-class protection for your valuable assets but also offer an intimate, considerate and premium customer service.

Our purpose-built facility has a 60 years history on the Redcliffe Peninsula. It has provided a safe and secure haven for the people of North Brisbane. Our premises were initially commissioned by the Commonwealth of Australia to create the original Commonwealth Bank CBA in its current location in Redcliffe.

Our Mission

Private Vaults Australia offers a range of Safety Deposit Boxes of varying sizes to suit all variety of safe keeping and storage. Vaults, Safety Deposit Boxes, document Storage, items of all shapes and sizes can be housed. For something as simple as storing expensive assets such as Family heirlooms, precious jewellery, and other valuable possessions such as Bullion. Or small important and sometimes irreplaceable items such as, Passports, Wills, Deeds, Agreements or Title Deeds.

We are here to meet all your security and safe storage needs.
Our facility is equipped with the state-of-the-art security systems. Only registered clients will be allowed access to the “back of house” where we have our Safety Deposit Boxes and other storage solutions. We have 4 layers of security ranging from digital Entry, Biometric scanners, your own Key and locks on your boxes. All of this is overseen by 24/7 security monitoring with specific security zones to limit the access to only our approved clients.

Why prefer us over a bank

Although few depositors realise it, legally the bank owns your funds as soon as you deposit them. Our money becomes the banks and we become unsecured creditors. The same applies to holding your valuables in a bank safe deposit box. You have no guarantee that your valuables are secure and accessible by you only.

This means, that with a single phone call, a court order, a lawyer can block the access to your deposit box without even informing you. The government can also allow the bank access to your cash and valuables, by a bail in when it is next needed when the next global financial crisis occurs.

Private Vaults Australia strives for 100% of your satisfaction by providing you with the ultimate protection and privacy and access to your assets, and thus giving you a secure space for peace of mind.

2 months free. No long-term commitment necessary. Limited spots available.