Prevent Unauthorised Access to Premises

The key benefits of safety deposit boxes are the high level of safety, security, and privacy it provides for your valuable assets.

This is why at many private vault premises, several layers of protection are put in place to ensure that items such as irreplaceable documents, rare collections, precious metals, and family heirlooms are safe from thieves or from the prying eyes of the government.

However, there are instances when security breaches happen. Today, we will talk about how to prevent unauthorised access to premises.


Examples of Unauthorised Access to Safe Deposit Boxes

When you pore over the news, there different cases of unauthorised access to safe deposit boxes particularly those in bank vaults.

In Ottawa, an elderly woman found herself in a pinch when the contents of her safety deposit box including a precious ring gifted to her by her husband, her Dutch birth certificate, some currency, and other important documents along with the box disappeared without a clue from her bank

In Lehigh Valley, the contents of a safe deposit box were taken during an “unwanted entry”, while in Orlando, $100,000 worth of rare, collectible gold coins, family heirlooms, jewellery, and cash went missing without a trace at her local bank.

 Meanwhile, in Johannesburg, more than 200 SDBs were forcibly taken from a bank which resulted in a class action lawsuit from their affected clients.

How to Prevent Unauthorised Access to Your SDB

Preventing unauthorised access to your SDB need not be a complicated matter. The first way you can prevent unauthorised access to your SDB is to choose the right service provider. Choose an independent service provider like Private Vaults Australia instead of a bank. While there are security measures in a bank, they aren’t always safe from heists or from identity thieves. What’s more, since banks are regulated by the government, they are not safe from instances of unwarranted searches.

The second way is to choose the right person to share access to the box. Many private vault providers allow shared access. However, you have to make sure that this person is somebody you trust. This could be your spouse, an offspring, or a business partner. You also must ensure as well that they have the proper documentation proving that you’ve authorised them to access your SDB in your behalf.

Finally, the third way is to keep your SDB key safe at all times. Usually, you will be issued two keys when you rent an SDB. The first one, you can keep in a keyring or key case you usually use needs to be stored properly. You may choose to hide it in a concealed storage device, in your home office, or in a key vault. Wherever you decide to hide your key, make sure you can easily access it. In the case of a lost or stolen key, report it immediately to your safe deposit service provider.  Even if your lost key is found by another individual, noone other then the approved key holder can gain access to your Safe Deposit Box.  There are still 3 additional layers of security to gain access to your safe deposit box


Private Vaults Australia is Here for You

At Private Vaults Australia, we understand about how to prevent unauthorised access to premises. Therefore, we take pride in the state-of-the-art security measures we have at our premises. Access is granted via three layers of security which are electronic (smartphone app), biometric (wrist vein reader) and physical (your key).  In addition, all our SDB are under 24/7/365 video surveillance to ensure no unauthorised access to your Safe Deposit Box can ever occur. 

We cannot open your safe deposit box as you are the only keyholder that match your SDB. We provide you with peace of mind that your valuable assets will not fall into the wrong hands at all costs since you are the only one who can have access to your SDB and its contents. The only way for other people to have access to your properties is if they are registered with us and you have authorised them.  Without your keys we must retain a registered locksmith to drill your locks and this can only occur when the locksmith, a representatives of PVA and you are present.

What’s more, we will only allow access to a registered Government representative with an appropriate court order to access only your SDB if requested. We will always advise you of this scenario and ensure you are there to oversee any access to your SDB.  We are committed to never allowing any access to your valuables with your express permission or approval.

To know more about how we can provide safe storage solutions for you, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 888 782

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