The Only Flood-Free Safety Deposit Box Provider in Brisbane

Every year, Australia faces floods and cyclones that wreak havoc and destroy thousands of dollars worth of property. For some people, this means storing valuables and hard-to-replace items in a safe deposit box facility. However, not all facilities are safe from floods. In fact, there had been reports of flood-induced damage to property even at bank vaults. Don’t fret because there is a safe and secure option for you! Private Vaults Australia is the only flood-free safety deposit box provider in Australia. Here’s why:

Our Strategic Location Makes All The Difference

Private Vaults Australia is a state-of-the-art and secure private-vaulted storage facility. It is located at 73 Redcliffe Parade Redcliffe, in a purpose-built building which was occupied by the Commonwealth Bank.  The building has over 50 years history supporting the financial needs of the people and business of Redcliffe, North Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast. According to the Moreton Bay Regional Council, this location possesses the following statistical probability in relation to flooding:

  • This property has a less than 0.1% annual chance of river and creek flood.
  • This property is outside the extent of the 5% AEP, 1% AEP and 0.1% AEP flood events where water levels in a river, creek or urban drainage system to rise and exceed the capacity of the main channel or pipe network.
  • This property is outside Council’s known Overland Flow mapping extents where the inundation of gullies and depressions where stormwater runoff may flow in areas upstream of flooding in river, creek and urban drainage systems.
  • This property is above the estimated level of the Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT).
  • This property is outside the extent of the 5% AEP, 1% AEP and 0.1% AEP storm tide events where extreme weather conditions produce a storm surge resulting in sea levels above the normal tide levels.

 In simple terms, our location is safe from floods caused by tropical cyclones which means any valuable property you choose to put under our care remains safe from water damage.

Private Vaults Australia: Flood Protection at its Finest

Safety deposit boxes are meant to keep your valuable and hard-to-replace possessions safe at all times. But the truth is not all service providers are created equal. Did you know that that a “waterproof” safe deposit box is only rated for 24 hours in just 15 cm. of water? At Private Vaults Australia, we ensure that your valuables are secured and safely tucked away from natural disasters like cyclones and floods. We give you the peace of mind and security you deserve.

Our private vault facility is not only equipped with a three-step security mechanism but is also outfitted with high-quality safe deposit boxes with a United Laboratories (UL) rated locks which are then secured inside our UL vault. To seal the deal, our unique locations make us the only flood-free safety deposit box provider in Brisbane. If you’re in Brisbane, don’t settle for anything less. Call us at 1300 888 782 or write to us at to secure your very own safe deposit box.


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