Five Jewellery Storage Tips You Should Know



For many people, one of their most prized possessions is their jewellery. These shining and glittering pieces are more than just a fashion accessory. Apart from completing your outfit, they can also be a safe store of value and are a popular investment vehicle all over the world.

Whether your fine jewellery are heirlooms that have been passed down to you from previous generations or you have a knack for investing in fine pieces, one fact remains: you need to keep them in a safe and secure place to retain their lasting power. Today, we’ll be going through five jewellery tips you should know.

1. Ensure a Controlled Jewellery Storage Environment

Exposure to the elements can tarnish and damage jewellery. This is why it’s important to create a controlled storage environment for them at all times. Keep fine jewellery in a cool, clean, and dry place.

Keep pieces with precious gemstones away from excessive heat and direct sunlight to prevent any unwanted colour changes. Keep certain metals away from excess humidity to prevent corrosion.


 2. Use Containers Lined with Soft Fabric or Use a Jewellery Bag

Jewels, pearls, and precious metal pieces may get scratched if not stored in a properly lined container. Choose a jewellery box lined with soft fabric like velvet to keep nicks and scratches at bay.

Alternatively, you can use jewellery storage bags or pouches made from ultra-soft fabric and anti-tarnish properties to protect precious jewellery.


 3. Keep Similar Jewellery Together

Different jewellery materials require different storage specifications. With this in mind, it’s important to store like items together to keep them protected and preserved for a long time. Bear in mind as well that metals like silver can get tarnished when stored together with other metals because of oxidation.


 4. Clean Jewellery Before Storing Them

Upkeep is important if you want to make your precious jewellery last a long time. Before storing them, make sure to wipe away any residue and product build-up of makeup, moisturizer, body oils, or dirt that may have made their way in between the crevices of your jewellery. Use gentle cleaning solutions and a soft cloth to prevent any scratching. You can also send your fine pieces to a professional jeweller for routine cleaning

 5. Find a Secure Jewellery Storage Solution

When it comes to jewellery storage, most people opt to keep them in a home safe. However, most home safes aren’t always rated adequately to secure fine jewellery in the event of a home invasion or a natural disaster such as fire.

If you want to pass on your fine and irreplaceable pieces of jewellery to the next generation then the best option is to get professional help. Number 5 of five Jewellery storage tips you should know about is where to store such as a safe deposit box provider like Private Vaults Australia offers unparalleled security and peace of mind 24/7. Through our state-of-the-art vaulting facility, your valuable possessions remain secured especially when not in use. How important is it to you to protect what cannot be replaced?


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