How Secure is A Safe Deposit Box?

These days, putting your valuables in the sock drawer or under the bed just won’t cut it anymore. But how secure is a safe deposit box , your hard-to-replace belongings such as important documents, valuable jewellery, deeds or titles, and even precious metals like gold and silver require secure storage away from your home not only to keep it safe from burglary and natural disasters but also to keep you and your family protected from home invasions and even hacking in the age of digital banking.

This is where independent, non-bank vaults like Private Vaults Australia come in. Our private vaults offer security boxes equipped with 24/7 security and more privacy than traditional banks. Most security Deposit Box facilities such as ours charge annual rental fees which in many cases are tax deductible.

Security Features of Private Vaults Australia Safe Deposit Boxes

Private Vaults Australia have several security features that ensure the safety of your items stored in them. For starters, our facility was purpose built by the Commonwealth Government and is located in a secure area that is resistant to events like flooding, fire, cyclones, earthquakes, and any other similar calamities. Unlike the typical home, the location of our facility ensures that personal documents and valuables are safe from damage.

Our facility offers numerous safety precautions to keep your items safe and sound when being stored in your own safe deposit box free from potential burglary. We have multiple levels of security via electronic keyless entry to our site which includes facial recognition. Lastly there are a number of physical layers and staff oversight.

The Key to your Safety Deposit Box (SDB)  allows you and only you access. Our staff cannot access your SDB without you being present and heaven forbid you ever lose your key then we require you to be present while we drill out your lock. This means only you can ever access the contents of your security box.

Our safety deposit boxes (SDB) provide you the privacy you need which prevents relatives, children or roommates from going through your personal belongings with ease.

If another person wishes to access your safe box, they cannot. Only if you have passed away can another person access your SDB but conditions apply. They must present with a letter of Probate and a copy of your will showing them as Executor of your estate. You need to have this all approved beforehand, so we can act on your wishes which allows another to act on your behalf.

Another safety precaution utilised by our private vaults is the use of alarms, high-security locks, motion, heat and vibration sensors along with video cameras, and security personnel guarding the facility 24/7. This effectively secures your belonging from potential home invasions and burglary.

Choosing the Right Institution For Your Peace of Mind

Not all private vaults are created equal and so picking the right facility is a crucial choice to make if you want to store your valuable items in a properly.  At Private Vaults Australia, we ensure that your belongings are stored in safe and secure premises away from natural calamities and any burglary.

How secure is a safe deposit box at Private Vaults Australia; our facility is equipped with safety features such as 24/7 video surveillance, alarm systems, and high-security locks so you can rest assured that any item you entrust with is kept safe from prying eyes and thieves.



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