How a Safe Deposit Box Keeps Your Jewellery Safe

Jewellery isn’t just an ornament, it’s an investment. Family heirlooms, pieces inherited from a relative, and vintage trinkets you’ve acquired from a reputable seller are traditional assets that hold their value over time in the same way gold does. Therefore, it’s not far fetched to ask how a safe for jewellery keeps your jewellery secure.


In an article online, Huffington Post Contributor, Beth Bernstein wrote of her concern of being middle aged and having, “…spent too much on my obsession with antique and period jewellery,” as she had explained to a close friend who is an expert in the field of antique jewellery. 


To Miss Bernstein’s satisfaction, her concerns were put to rest after her friend explained that, “You have a safety deposit box full of antique, signed and rare high quality pieces which have held their value and/or appreciated with time. You have assets. It might be different than real estate or paper but you have invested in your future.” 


Jewellery is a good store of wealth akin to gold or silver bullion or even stocks and bonds and as such, they are excellent as an alternative investment option that can keep your wealth safe from the potential financial market decline. This is why you should always consider how you store these physical assets safely and securely.

Home Storage Isn’t Always a Good Idea

For most people, the logical place to keep their Jewellery is at home. Some even opt to spend money on home security solutions to keep these valuables from harm’s reach.  Keeping such valuable items at home exposes you and your family to the risk of intrusion or theft regardless of how advanced the technology you use or how thorough your insurance policy is. There’s also the risk of fire, storms, and other similar natural disasters.

A Private Vault is a Better Option for Storing Jewellery

While it is understandable that you’d always want to have your precious necklaces, brooches, and rings close at hand for when you need to wear them, the same cannot be said for pieces that you rarely wear. More precious pieces of jewellery that you intend to either pass down to your grandchildren or use as a safety net for when a financial crisis strikes, need to be stored properly.


As featured in the Australian Financial Review, Jacquie Hayes wrote in her article titled, ‘Jewellery investments that stand the test of time‘ that, “All that glitters may not be gold but if you’re clever about the jewellery you buy, not only will it be lovely to own and wear now, it could pay serious dividends if the need ever arises to offload it.


“Not that many of us buy jewellery as a store of wealth or investment pieces. But with the outlook for financial markets looking less than sparkling, it doesn’t hurt to get across some alternative investment.”


This is where an Australian private storage facility comes in handy. These days, there are private service providers that offer safety deposit boxes, and whose facilities have a convenient location and can offer secure, advanced jewellery storage solutions, which make these facilities a better option for storing investment pieces like jewellery.

A Safe Deposit Box Facility for Your Jewellery

At Private Safe Deposit Box, ensure the protection of your valuable items with multiple layers of state-of-the-art security and insurance. 

Learn more about how a safe deposit box keeps your jewellery safe by contacting PVA or read the PVA blog for more interesting news, tips and ideas to guide you.

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