Five Reasons to Get a Safe Deposit Box in Australia

What valuable items could you afford to loose?

If you want to keep your assets safe from damage and theft or if you value your privacy. If you want to ensure that your valuables are truly safe, then a Private safe deposit box is your best option.

Valuable and irreplaceable items like jewelry, personal documents, and bonds can be tricky to store. Some people opt to use a safe, file cabinets or just hide it in the closet at home while some prefer to go to rely on their bank’s safe deposit boxes. Here are five reasons to get a private safe deposit box in Australia.

Reason 1: It’s a Convenient and Easy Solution for Storing Valuables

Whether you need to keep your family heirlooms safe while you’re away on holiday or you need a place to keep your bullion you’ve invested in, you can rest assured that private vaults Australia have your back. You’ll know exactly where your valuables are, and you can easily access them when you need them.

Reason 2: Your Precious Items are Safe from Damage

Keeping items like originals of your insurance policies; family records such as birth, marriage and death certificates; original deeds, titles, mortgages, leases, and other contracts; stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit at home, at work, or on your person is not safe. 

These documents need the special care, attention and security, that only safe deposit boxes can provide. A private security vault keeps them safe from potential damage caused by extreme temperatures, fires, floods, natural disasters, and even Theft. 

Reason 3: Your Valuables are Secured with State-of-the-Art Security Measures

At Private Vaults Australia, we take pride in the unparalleled security we provide for our clients. We use only the best and latest equipment, with the most advanced and highly sophisticated technologies. We offer three layers of security to access your safe deposit box. We employ technology such as electric entry advanced biometrics via a wrist venous reader, and of course the personal key that ALLOWS ONLY YOU, to access to your private Safety Deposit box. 

Our vault is under 24/7 surveillance so all transaction inside the vault is monitored by the Private Vaults Australia Class 1 Security Firm which is held off site in real time as events occur.

Reason 4: Your Privacy is Ensured, and you are protected against a Financial Collapse

Most banks will require you to disclose of vast amounts of personal information if you decide to rent one of their safe deposit boxes. In addition, you are classed as an unsecured creditor never insuring the safety of your items.  However, this is not the case for private service providers like Private Vaults Australia.  Moreover, what you choose to store in your vault or safe remains completely private. We do not keep a record of the items our clients entrust to us. What’s more, you will be given the utmost privacy when you open the safe deposit box and deal with the contents. We also provide private viewing rooms if required. 

Reason 5: Only you Can Access Your Safe Deposit Box

At Private Vaults Australia, you are the only person who can have access to your Safety Deposit Box (SBD) and its contents. If you lose your key Private Vaults Australia can never open your SDB.  We require a locksmith and yourself to be present as the locksmith drills your lock out to gain access to your items. 

Two Exceptions to the above can occur: 

Heaven forbid that you pass, only then through a pre-arrangement for the executor of your estate can access your safe deposit box.  Please note a number of conditions must be met.  They must present a letter of Probate and a copy of your will showing them as Executor of your estate.  You need to have this all prearranged beforehand, so we can follow your wishes which allows them to act on your behalf. 

Alternatively, if a registered Government representative with an appropriate court order comes to us then we are compelled to allow access.  Note as in the example above a locksmith is require drilling the lock and you are always preferred to be present. 

Private Vaults Australia can never access your safe deposit box.

Private Vaults Australia: Your Top Choice for Safe Deposit Boxes

If you are looking for a high-end safe deposit box Facility that offers a high degree of privacy and security, then Private Vaults Australia is the top choice for you. We provide you with more than five reasons to get a safe deposit box in Australia. We offer a range of safety deposit boxes and additional services that suit your safekeeping and storage needs for precious jewels and metals to cryptocurrency hard drives all for as little as the price of a cup of Coffee a week. 

We are conveniently located at Unit 3, 73 Redcliffe Parade and Baker Street, Redcliffe Old 4020.  Our purpose-built facility was originally constructed by the Commonwealth Bank for North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast residents.  It has been meeting the financial needs of this region for over a 50 years Please call ahead to make an appointment.

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