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Why do you need a Safe Deposit Box?

A safe deposit box is a convenient place to store important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. The box also offers privacy (only you know what’s inside) and security. Although many people like to keep valuables close by in a closet, safe or file cabinet at home or in the office, these places probably are not as resistant to fire, water or theft. Also, some insurance companies charge lower insurance premiums on valuables kept in a vault box instead of at home.

Can others have access to my Safe Deposit Box?

No one else can access your safety deposit box (SDB) other than the following two conditions. If you have prearranged for an executor of your will, then they can access your SDB but a number of conditions must be meet. They must present a letter of Probate and a copy of your will showing them as Executor of your estate. You need to have this all prearranged beforehand, so we can act on your wishes which allows them to act on your behalf.
Alternatively, if a registered Government representative with an appropriate court order we are compelled to allow access. Private Vaults Australia can never access your SDB without your express permission or approval.

Do I need to insure the valuable contents of my Safe Deposit Box?

All SDB’s come with $20,000 insurance included. Some of our clients may wish to take advantage of additional insurance but disclosure of the items contained will need to be passed to an insurer for this purpose. In Clause 20, Private Vaults Australia has no knowledge of the contents of your SDB. It is your responsibility to insure the contents are insured to your value of your choice which we can assist you with.

Can anyone see what I have in my Safe Deposit Box?

No, unless authorised by law or by yourself. Your possessions are in a closed container in a vault and you will be given the utmost privacy when you open the safe deposit box and deal with the contents. We provide private viewing rooms if required.

What things am I unable to store in my Safe Deposit Box?

Anything illegal and won’t pose a health or environmental risk, such as the following: firearms, explosives, ammunition, drugs, and flammable liquids, or any hazardous material to name the few.

What is the shortest rental period?

Our safe deposits boxes and vaults are offered for a 1 month minimum period. The most common timeframe is a 12-month period. Special arrangements are possible, depending on the individual circumstances. Prior to the expiration of your rental agreement, you will have an option to extend it automatically or with your approval.

Where are you located?

Conveniently located Unit 3, 73 Redcliffe Parade and Baker Street, Redcliffe Qld 4020. Please call ahead to make an appointment.

Which is best; a secure safe deposit box or a safe at home?

It is worth noting that what you keep inside you home may put you and your family at risk. Valuable and irreplaceable items such as heirlooms, jewellery, and important documents may require safety deposit box solutions away from your home. Fire & flood also should be a high consideration when protecting and storing what cannot be replaced.

Custodial Vaulting; Can I see what value my investment held in the vault is currently?

You can login to a secure website to have access to metal account statements to confirm details of your account holdings at the time of purchase, at the end of the financial year, and on request.

How do I know my precious metals are safe?

Custodial Bullion stored with Private Vaults Australia is covered by insurance for its full replacement value. Our custom-built vault and our showroom facility are highly secure. Regular audits are conducted at the facility, to confirm compliance, accuracy and transparency. You can login to our secure website to have access to metal account statements to confirm details of your account holdings at the time of purchase, at the end of the financial year, and on request.

Do we offer Bullion Locker Safe?


Designed and built for storage of gold, silver and other precious metals, Private Vaults Australia Bullion Locker Safe provide precious metals investors one of the highest levels of security in the market today. While specially built for bullion it is able to be used for any kind of secure storage items.

PVA stores the Bullion Locker safes inside a Bullion vault.  Multi levels of security are in place just to enter this vault.  A double locking mechanism for every bullion locker, one custodial key held by PVA and you have the only client keys in existence meaning only you can open your locker.

Conta us for more details 1300 888 782

Who will have access to my Safe Deposit Box?

You will be the only person with an access to your safe deposit box. the access is granted via 3 layers of security which are electronic (smart phone app), biometric (wrist vein reader) and physical (your key). We cannot open your safe deposit box as we DO NOT keep any keys that match your SDB.

If I lost my key, can the finder open my Safe Deposit Box?

No. Anyone locating a lost Key only has one of the three (3) levels of security required to access our facility. They would not be able to access our premises without all the others layers of protection we offer you. They would not have access to the electronic entry nor would they pass the Biometric reader. Heaven forbid if they were already a client of PVA they could still not obtain access as our staff only have permission to attend to that clients SDB and your last line of defence your own person lock on your SDB would still need to be breached. In addition, our Vault is under 24/7 surveillance so all transaction inside

Can a member of the staff open my Safe Deposit Box?

No, a PVA staff member has access to a Custodian Key which is only one small aspect of access to a SDB. The Custodian key will only open one of the two locks attached to a SDB. The Custodian Key is used by our staff controlling the Safe Deposit boxes in the vault and cannot open any Safe Deposit Box on its own. The only duplicate of your key is held by yourself. A Security Key Deposit of $300 is paid when a Safety Deposit Box is leased. This is a refundable deposit and is returned to you on the termination of your lease. The Security Key Deposit is to cover the expenses associated with access to your SDB you in case you lose your key. We will need to drill out your SDB lock which can only occur with you being present. The Security Key Deposit is payable at the time you lease an SDB. If this is required and you want to continue leasing a SDB then another $300 Security Key Deposit is payable at that time.

What things can I store in my Safe Deposit Box?

Any personal items that would cause you to say, “If I lose this, I’m in trouble.” Important papers to consider putting into your box: originals of your insurance policies; family records such as birth, marriage and death certificates; original deeds, titles, mortgages, leases and other contracts; stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs). Other valuables worthy of a spot in your safe deposit box include bullion or precious metals, special jewels, medals, rare stamps and other collectibles, negatives for irreplaceable photos, and videos or pictures of your home’s contents for insurance purposes (in case of theft or fire damage.) More and more people are storing their Cryptocurrency Key or hard Drives to ensure it is not accessed.

Will I need to show or provide description of my valuables?

Absolutely not. What you choose to store in your vault/safe is your private matter. Other then disclosure to your insurer if you choose additional cover. Other than that, only you will know what is in your SDB.

In the event of death, who will be authorised to access my Safe Deposit Box and pick up my valuables?

Before signing the rental agreement, the original lease will have an option to designate one person who can access the vault/safe box in case of his/her death.
Private Vaults Australia must be presented with a death certificate and a last will/testament or trust document to allow heirs access the contents of the vault/safe box. At the time of opening a lease for a SDB Private Vaults Australia will take the necessary measures to review all documents to verify their authenticity.

How much does a Safe Deposit Box cost?

Boxes range from as little as $300 per year, which is a little over the cost of one coffee per week. It all depends on the size of safe deposit box you require. Please see prices here

Do you guarantee the purity of the metals you sell?

Yes! And we’ve never had a product returned. Our products are made with the highest precision, and to the highest standard. We sell only investment grade bullion.

Why use a Private Safe Deposit box and not a bank?

Private Vaults Australia is a private facility, independent of Government and Financial organisations ownership and control. A secure space for peace of mind knowing your hard-earned wealth is protected and separate from institutions especially if you are concerned with privacy, safety, access, security and insurance of your safe deposit box.

Do we offer Large High Security Safes?


The ultimate in large weight and volume capacity with combined Electronic key and tumbler entry 3tonne capacity.  An individual box allocated for your use that no one else can access.

A safe that takes over the safety of your belongings, so that you can focus on everything else. Protect your valuables behind a Private Vaults Australia Chubb or Lord Safe with secured access into the surrounds of the vault.

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