Custodial Vaulting

High Security Precious Metal Storage

Gold Bullion Australia Treasury Reserve (GBATR) has a strategic alliance with GBA to provide you with a fully insured secure storage service. Sales of precious metals are facilitated by GBA whilst GBATR facilitates all vaulting and insurance services, including the secure transfer of sales and purchases between each facility.

safe-deposit-box-brisbaneYour precious metal is stored in a high security, custom-built vaulting facility.

safe-deposit-box-brisbaneSelling is easy… simply call us to agree on a buy-back price – funds are directly transferred into your account.

safe-deposit-box-brisbaneAll assets held are guaranteed fully insured for replacement value of your stored bullion.

safe-deposit-box-brisbaneTake possession with ease. Barred bullion may be collected or shipped at a fee.

safe-deposit-box-brisbaneYou have access to online Metal Account Statements with up to date reporting of your asset valuation, transactions and account details.

safe-deposit-box-brisbaneVaulting at GBA is an excellent option for SMSF’s, with insurance and monthly audited storage accounts at a secure location.

Which product is best for you?

1) Pool Allocated Bullion Storage

A flexible option and cost-effective way to buy, store and trade.

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  • Held at the GBA custom-built vaulting facility and insured under the custodial arrangement at no cost to you.
  • One of the most tradable types of investments, the bullion is not poured into a specific size but is stored in bulk, fully backed by GBA and can be converted to physical product at any time for a small barring fee.
  • This arrangement allows you to trade as close to the spot price
  • Great for traders who buy and sell quickly and regularly.
  • All pool allocated is held in the secure vaulting facility and fully insured replacement value of your stored bullion (through GBATR).
  • Take physical possession by paying a small barring fee for your metal so it can be fabricated into a particular bar size. It can then be collected or shipped fully insured for a fee.
  • You may sell back your bullion at any time. GBATR will transfer it to GBA for sale. Upon agreeing on a price, funds will be directly transferred into your nominated account.


3) Private serial numbered bar storage

For investors who prefer individually serialised and certified precious metal to be stored and tracked in our secure vault.

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  • Purchase serialised bullion from GBA. Each bar is individually stamped with a unique number for easy tracking and storage. Make sure you request vaulting.
  • Your serial numbered bar is stored under a specific account name.
  • Great for investors who want serialised bullion for audit purposes for instance SMSFs.
  • Storage and insurance fees are applicable (please see the table below).

2) Allocated Bullion Storage

For specific denomination and type of precious metal purchased from GBA to be stored in our secure, fully custodial vault.

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  • This bullion does not have serial numbers, but exhibits weight, mintmark, and purity stamps.
  • Your bars are vaulted with other clients bars of the same size.
  • You can collect or ship your bars at any time. However you’re unlikely to receive the specific bars you purchased as yours will be stored with other client bars. Don’t worry though: you get a bullion bar of the same weight, purity and value that you stored with us.
  • Please note: storage and insurance fees are applicable (please use the table below).

4) Private Storage

If you have precious metals purchased elsewhere and would like them securely stored.

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  • You already own specific bullion bars or coins and want them to be vaulted and insured by GBATR.
  • Your bullion will be photographed, registered, weighed, and sealed in a tamper-proof box.
  • You’ll receive a reference number for each box.
  • Storage and insurance fees are applicable for this service (please see the table below).

Storage Fees

Pool AllocatedAllocatedStored Serial Number BarsPrivate Storage
Gold Storage FeesFree0.65%0.85%0.85%
Silver Storage FeesFree1.25%1.50%1.50%
Full Replacement InsuranceYESYESYESYES
Storage Fees InvoicedN/AQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterly
Minimum PurchaseNil1 Oz gold or 1kg silver1kg gold or 15kg silver or Private holdings1kg gold or 15kg silver or Private holdings
Bullion BarsOwnership of part of a larger barIndividual denomination barsIndividual serial number bars or private holdingsIndividual serial number bars or private holdings
DocumentationTax Invoice & StatementTax Invoice & StatementTax Invoice, Serial bar numbers & StatementTax Invoice, Serial bar numbers & Statement

* Storage & insurance fees are calculated as percentage (%) of the total value of your bullion being vaulted.
* As the prices are constantly changing, storage fees are invoiced at the end of each quarter, and the invoice is based on the spot price of the last day of the quarter.


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