Business Owners; a Safe Deposit Box can Save You

Running a successful business, regardless of size, goes beyond turning a profit and providing excellent products and services. What most people don’t always realise immediately is that protecting your assets along with privacy and security are crucial aspects of managing a business.

Here’s what you need to know: if you’re a business owner, a safe deposit box can save you. Today, we will be discussing how this humble safe storage solution can benefit you and your company.

Why Should a Business Owner Like You Have a Safe Deposit Box?

As a business owner, you’re likely concerned about securing your valuable assets as well as your important documents. For most people, their go-to option is a bank vault. However, these aren’t as secure as they seem. The smarter option, particularly if you want to keep your company’s valuable items safe, is a private safe deposit box and here’s why:

Outside the Banking System

Service providers like Private Vaults Australia are outside the banking system and are immune from regulations like the Bank Bail-In Law. Under this piece of legislation, the government can allow banks to access your cash and valuables to in the event of a global financial crisis.

Safe from a Bank Run

Private safe deposit boxes are also safe from a run on a bank which occurs when a large number of customers withdraw their deposits due to fear. In extreme cases, a bank may not have enough reserves to cover these withdrawals. Such an event can spell bad news for a business owner since it’ll be difficult to keep your company operational if you cannot access your funds.

Fire and Flood Protection

Despite the fact that the world is slowly going paperless, a lot of important documents for your business such as financial records and legal documents are still presented in black and white. This means they are prone to damage that may be caused by a fire or flooding.

Fire protection

At a private facility like Private Vaults Australia, you can be sure that the safe deposit boxes we use are fire-proof and flood-proof, so you can rest assured that critical information about your business is secured. What’s more, our temperature-controlled, document storage spaces have fire suppression gas canisters to stop an event before it occurs.

Access Control and Monitoring

At a private facility, you will be the only person with access to your safe deposit box. At Private Vaults Australia in particular, access is granted via 3 layers of security which are electronic (smartphone app), biometric (wrist vein reader) and physical (your key). Our facility is also monitored by a surveillance camera 24/7/365 for added security and protection.

Private Vaults Australia:

Your Best Choice for a Safe Deposit Box

At Private Vaults Australia, we make it our mission to help you protect the business you’ve built from the ground up. We understand that if you’re business owners, a safe deposit box can save you. Whether it be protecting Documents, cash, valuables or personal items PVA has you covered.   It is extremely important to protect your company amid the threats of economic uncertainty, natural calamities, and theft.

This is why we offer a range of premium private vault services to satisfy your needs. Not only do we offer a range of safe deposit boxes and private vaults in a variety of sizes to suit you or your business needs, but we also offer security cages, paper document storage, and personal safe storage.

Let us help you keep your business safe. Call us at 1300 888 782 to get started on securing your hard-earned wealth and assets 24/7.


Peter Hobson

My background involves the ownership of many businesses including owning and running multiple Chiropractic offices but mainly focused in Nerang on the Gold Coast for 30 Years.

I have a passion for accumulating and holding Bullion and have done so for many years. My extensive Business skills and Bullion knowledge makes it easy to assist others buying, selling and storing their Bullion.

Peter and Cassie work together to assist anyone from the experienced Bullion Investors to the complete novice. They are here to answer any questions to help you.

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