Biometric Technology Secures Your Safe Deposit Box Against Identity Theft

Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics.

Safe deposit boxes at Private Vaults Australia is one of the safest places to store your valuable assets, documents, and properties these days if you want to keep them away from disasters and theft.

However, not all providers of safe deposit boxes and private vaults are created equal and most protocols used by institutions including banks can be risky.  Today, we’ll discuss how biometric technology secures your safe deposit box against identity theft.

Issues with Access Protocols in Banks

Typically, a bank requires a simple protocol for accessing their safety deposit boxes. It often begins with the clients personal key, followed by using the bank’s master key, then by the client’s signature, and ends with entering a pin code or password.

While this may seem to be adequate, times have changed and criminals have grown smarter and more tech savvy making this system obsolete, unsecure, and prone to human error. Bank attendants may mistakenly give access to the wrong person due to identity theft and altered signatures. This lapse in security results in unauthorized access to safe deposit boxes and in illegal fraudulent transactions.

Our State-of-the-Art Solution

Biometric systems have been utilized by various institutions worldwide because they effectively identify individuals and their inherent unique characteristics based on intrinsic physical or even behavioral traits. Therefore, it can provide a high level of protection against fraud since the modalities used by these systems are non-transferrable, safe from guesses, and offer non-repudiation benefits since no two individuals have the same patterns on their body.

We take our customer service seriously and so we want to make sure that our security offerings are of highest standard. This is why Private Vaults Australia (PVA) offers biometrics technology as part of our security protocol. Our system efficiently eradicates human error, eliminates identity fraud, removes the need for a PIN or password system, saves employee time, increases security, reduces the chances of unauthorized access, and brings more efficiency.

Palm Scanners: Our Top Choice for Biometrics

The most common types of biometric systems are facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, voice authentication, and palm vein recognition.

Here at PVA, we offer palm vein recognition as an added security feature in our access protocol. It works by capturing the vein patterns on an individual’s palm and uses this as a reference for future usage. It is an accurate and secure system since the human palm has a complex and unique vein pattern making it highly resistant to spoofing like impersonation and counterfeiting.

Private Vaults Australia: Your Choice for a Secure Safe Deposit Box

PVA is an independent service provider that is committed to keeping you and your assets safe from identity theft and fraud thanks to our state-of-the-art security systems that uses biometric technology for our clients. Our facility

We understand that biometric technology secures your safe deposit box against identity theft and so we provide you with one of the most secure options in the world. To book a safe deposit box or gold storage box with us, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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