Now is the Best Time to Invest in Gold!

Gold has always been regarded as a safe haven investment. These physical assets not only perform well in unpredictable markets but are not directly affected by conventional asset classes. Gold holds an intrinsic value and protects from inflation and depreciation.

Now’s the best time to invest in gold not just because it is widely available and easy to acquire but because of economic factors at play.

Australian Gold Price is Shining

The future outlook for precious metals, particularly gold, is always favourable as demand exceeds supply. This is evident in the historical and current gold price performance in Australia as well as in other parts of the world. This is shown in the chart below:


On average, gold prices in Australia has gained 8.5 percent per annum in the last 15 years and it has only dipped twice—in 2009 and in 2013. This indicates an overall great performance of gold in the country which drives constant demand.

Meanwhile, when you look at the historical and current prices of gold in Australia, you can see a clear upward trajectory as indicated in the table below:

Current spot prices are now highest price it has ever been in terms of AUD. Current prices are above 1800 AUD per ounce now and signs are pointing to an upward trend in the coming years. With this trend in mind, gold is proving itself as a worthy addition to your investment portfolio particularly in the long-term.


Central Banks are Buying So Much Gold,
So Should You

For many sovereign central banks, gold remains an important factor in global monetary reserves. Nothing else supports this idea better than the fact that global central banks have been net buyers of gold in the past decade.

It’s not just western nations that are doing this. Emerging economies like Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and China are adding more gold into their holdings.

If global economies are investing more and more in gold, then they might be on to something. As a smart and independent investor who wants to protect your wealth, the yellow metal might just be what you need to create a strong and well-diversified portfolio.

Start Your Investments with Private Vaults Australia

At Private Vaults Australia, we understand that precious metals such as gold are a dependable asset you can incorporate into your existing portfolio. This is why apart from offering state-of-the-art and fully custodial vaulting services and bullion storage, we also offer bullion sales, so you can begin your investment journey with confidence.

We’ve teamed up with Gold Bullion Australia enabling you to purchase and store your gold in our Redcliffe office. Gold Bullion Australia has been trading for over 38 years, helping clients to buy and sell precious metals from all around Australia. We buy, sell, stock and store all types of precious metals whether for investment, collection, Superannuation or trading.

Our aim is to be the most trusted, professional and easy to deal with provider precious metals in Australia so now is the best time to invest in gold.

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