Auctus Metal Portfolios is a precious metals advisory in partnership with GBA (Gold Bullion Australia) Group, Private Vaults Australia & Goldstackers that uses algorithmic models to optimally weight & actively manage our clients’ vaulted physical precious metal holdings across Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium to maximize their net returns. Today we’ll explore a hidden gem in investment – Auctus: an actively managed portfolio of Physical Precious Metals

How does it work?

Auctus Metal Portfolios’ performances are based on zero exposure to collateralization, paper trading or leverage. Clients (both individuals and SMSF) hold physical metals in their own wholly segregated, tax-free and fully insured vaults with full ownership title, control, and visibility down to individual bar numbers.

This diversified and active investment strategy has historically achieved a significant outperformance vs. the benchmark for Gold.

Clients investing with Auctus Metal Portfolios from January 2016 to December 2022 saw an average net compound return of +37.59% annually.

Impressive return & Informed decisions

This impressive return on investment is due to Auctus’ innovative approach to portfolio management. The team at Auctus actively manages their portfolios, which means they are constantly monitoring the markets and making adjustments to ensure that their clients receive the best possible returns.

Auctus also offers a range of services designed to help investors make informed decisions about their investments. They provide in-depth market analysis and research, as well as personalized advice tailored to each individual’s needs. Their team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge of the precious metals markets and can provide valuable insight into current market conditions.

Are you looking for an expert advice on how to get the best value out of your investments in precious metals? Auctus Metal Portfolios can help you do just that!

This unique partnership between Gold Bullion Australia Group and algorithmic models provides investors with a reliable way to actively manage their vaulted physical holdings of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium for maximum returns.

Auctus Metal Portfolios is a revolutionary new approach to buying and holding precious metals that combines the expertise of GBA Group and the convenience of algorithmic model-based portfolios.

The team at Auctus leverages its global network of clients, analysts and research partners to analyze various market trends in order to make informed decisions on which precious metal would be most advantageous at any given time.

actively managed portfolio


Actively Managed Portfolio & Market Conditions

The Auctus portfolio will constantly re-adjust your vaulted holdings if the market conditions deem it necessary in order to maximize returns. This portfolio management system dynamically weights your investments so you can generate maximized returns more safely compared with traditional bullion-only strategies.

With this strategy deployed, any cost or risk associated with transaction fees is greatly reduced as well.

In addition, every investor has access to their own personal analyst relay services should they encounter any questions about their position or need a bit more insight into why certain types of metal are being weighted differently over others.

Overall, investing through Auctus Metal Portfolios ensures that any investor can rest assured that their investments are taken care off by experienced professionals in accordance with industry standards. Due diligence protocols coupled with sophisticated algorithmic models manned by qualified data scientists yielding maximum returns more securely compared traditional securities exchange based platforms.


The 2 investment models

Auctus Provectus Model 1 – Balance / High Liquidity –

This investment portfolio model was designed to diversify risk between a basket of 5 precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium, all of which are held physically by our clients in their own wholly segregated, fully allocated and insured bullion vaults.

Our proprietary algorithm and client returns have both been fully audited and verified by BDO Global.

Provectus Model 1 is the more conservative of the Auctus Metal Portfolios models and is specifically designed to take into consideration our clients’ preference for a more risk-averse approach to investing across a basket of physical precious metals.

In a market where liquidity is key, we give consideration to the relative liquidity of each of the 5 key precious metals markets and place a heavier weighting on precious metals with larger and more liquid markets.

This reduces the risk of larger price movements within the client’s portfolio. Maintaining high liquidity from your investment in physical precious metals will allow you to liquidate your portfolio more quickly and efficiently at any given time.

Whilst this ‘Balanced Portfolio’ Model provides a more conservative approach, it has historically delivered returns that are far superior to those one would expect from a traditional, static precious metal holding.

Auctus Metal Portfolios’ clients are provided with an abundance of industry-leading research into the precious metal markets, with a particular focus on the macroeconomic landscape and respective industrial usages of each metal as well as the impact of supply and demand dynamics on expected future price movements.

We invest a lot of time in educating each and every one of our clients on what are the measurable drivers of each metal’s expected price movements.

Auctus Provectus Model 2 – High Growth Precious Metal Investment –

The portfolio has been designed to diversify risk between a basket of 5 precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium), all of which are held physically by our clients, vaulted and insured.

All past returns as well as the algorithmic models have been fully audited and the results verified by BDO Global accounting firm.

The results for this portfolio are considerably more superior when compared to other traditionally more risky investments.

The Auctus Provectus Model 2 is the more aggressive of the Auctus Precious Metal Investment Strategy and this portfolio has been designed to take into consideration our clients’ desire for a more growth-driven approach to investing in a basket of precious metals.

The model is designed to identify opportunities where market dislocations occur and take more aggressive physical positions in markets where there is the greatest opportunity to outperform the other basket of precious metals.

In a market where liquidity is key, we still give consideration to the relative liquidity of the various precious metals markets, however the model is more driven to ascertain returns in the less liquid precious metals.

This will sometimes mean higher weightings in the rarer metals such as Palladium and Rhodium.

Net returns are always paramount when investing with Auctus and whilst the High Growth Portfolio provides a more aggressive approach to our clients’ diversified precious metal investment strategy holdings. It will typically deliver higher returns to our clients in line with the slightly increased risk they are prepared to take.

The returns from this portfolio significantly outperform those of a traditionally passive approach to simply buying and holding one or two precious metals.

Auctus Metal Portfolios’ clients are provided industry-leading research into the various precious metals markets with industry experts providing comprehensive insights into what drives metal markets and what to expect from a supply-demand and pricing perspective in the future.

The objective is always to educate our clients as to expected price movements and the underlying fundamentals that drives returns in each precious metal group.

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