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Private Vaults Australia
Private Vaults Australia
17 Google reviews
Leanne King
Leanne King
Being a real estate agent I know the importance of good client service and when people are trusting you with their investments you must be genuine, a good communicator and show good integrity! Cassie and Peter at Private Vaults Australia are so professional, very helpful and thorough with their explanation of everything and a pleasure to deal with so are the real deal! I know you will feel very comfortable and safe with them right from the very start, I trust them implicitly and am very thankful that I was led to them!
Stuart McShane
Stuart McShane
I have found Private Vaults Australia to be extremely professional I feel totally satisfied knowing my valuables are secure in their establishment. The customer service is second to none always friendly and willing to offer any advice and help with any queries they will have a long-term customer with me.
Richard Lang
Richard Lang
I've had a great experience with Peter and Private Vaults. Its an extremely secure facility but its the customer service that sold me which is above and beyond what I received from the banks. I fully recommend, especially if customer service is important to you.
Ralph Fioretti
Ralph Fioretti
Very impressed with both the facility and the operators, Peter and Cassie. They are super helpful and very professional in all aspects of their dealings with the clients. The facility in modern, easily accessible and highly secure. Do yourself a favour, if you are looking for cost effective, easily accessed, safe, secure deposit boxes and the like, look no further! Highly recommended.
Mark Woolsey
Mark Woolsey
This facility is first class. Peter and Cassie are total professionals.
Great facility and even better customer service. Peter and Cassie are always welcoming and answer all of my questions. They have a comfortable atmosphere that feels very secure and friendly.
Warwick Kelly
Warwick Kelly
Convenient and discreet location
Chris A
Chris A
Absolutely one of the best bullion companies i have purchased from. Cassie and Peter are very professional, and buying couldn't be easier.The business is one of the best I've seen.
Julie Smith
Julie Smith
Outstanding service. Very professional, secure, confidential. Pleasure to deal with
Derek Miller
Derek Miller
Simple friendly service that made us very comfortable leaving with a key to the safe deposit box.






The Security of your valuables is our highest priority

The Global Economic Unrest.


What can and will happen next? We are all uncertain what is around the corner and our confidence in our Government, our banks and our future is low. Ask yourself can you trust your bank to make decisions with your best interest at heart?  I’m not a great “economic historian,” but when you have a quick look on Bank Runs it shows that there have been a few scary ones over time.

Have you heard of the Bank-Bail-In-Law?

This is where the government “could” actually FREEZE some of your savings to help keep the bank afloat? You see, governments don’t want to BAIL OUT banks like they did last time – they want to use the bank customers’ savings to keep the banks afloat…..yep, this is FACT!

So ask yourself “ARE MY BANK SAVINGS SAFE?”  Not to mention that armed robberies and unlawful entries are all on the rise!

Well, if this is something that concerns you, then look no further!  Private Vaults Australia is a world class independent Safety Deposit Box facility where you have complete discretion, unparalleled security, and absolute peace of mind.

Plus, We are a one-stop-shop for all your buying, selling and storage of gold and silver.

Your personal Safe Deposit box will protect you against natural disasters such as fires, floods and reduces the risk of theft or robbery…… and the bank-bail-in-law, where the banks can use your money to restructure their capital so they can stay afloat.

So DON’T put your financials and precious personal belongings at risk, invest in a Safety Deposit Box and enjoy a small space for a greater peace of mind.

Our Private Vault Options

Bullion Storage

Jewellery Storage

Document Storage

Currency Storage

Bullion Sales

Cold Storage

Safe Deposit Box Storage

We have four different size Safe Deposit Boxes and two different Bullion Lockers. We also offer other storage solutions in our three vaults.

Private, discrete and exclusive with easy access and no city parking fees. Pricing starts at $22.50 per month – the price of a cup of coffee a week.

Free unlimited client access is via facial recognition to our United Laboratories (UL) rated Vaults and Safe Deposit boxes. You are the only key holder with access.

Your personal Safe Deposit box will protect you against natural disasters such as fires, floods and reduces the risk of theft or robbery and the Bank-Bail-in-law.

All Safe Deposit boxes come with a complimentary $20,000 insurance. Need more? Additional insurance can be added to your valuables.

Private Vaults is flood free, in the old Commonwealth Bank in Redcliffe, which has serviced Brisbane, North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for over 60 years.

Our Facility

  • Qualified Professional Staff to help with all your requirements.
  • 3 High Security Vaults
    1. Bullion Vault
    2. Safe Deposit Box Vault
    3. Storage Vault – e.g. documents, pictures and weird and wonderful shaped items
  • Complimentary insurance of $20,000 with each safe deposit box rental.
  • Insurance is provided by underwriters at Lloyd’s of London offering the ability to increase your insurance if required.
  • An independent Class 1 Monitored company monitoring, 24/7 – 365 days.
  • State of the art security using the very best equipment, with the most advanced and highly sophisticated technologies.
  • We offer multiple layers of Security to access your Safety Deposit Box.
    • Two Factor Identification – Facial Recognition and a personal P.I.N.
    • Day-Gate which seals our High Security Vaults
    • Guard escort
    • You are the only key holder with access to your Safe Deposit Box

Are you ready to secure your valuable assets in a world class facility?


Our Bullion Services

About Our Vaults
Our purpose built safe deposit box facility with state-of-the-art security ensuring your personal assets are protected against threats such as Theft or Robbery, Fire and Flood in your home.  You are also safe from government or third parties, giving you complete peace of mind and confidentiality.
We provide a multitude of services
  • Discounts available for long term rentals. We want to reward our faithful customers so please ask us about our loyalty program.
Located in Redcliffe CBD
We are the only safe deposit box facility servicing North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.   Redcliffe is a residential suburb of the Brisbane metropolitan area.

We are in the Moreton Bay Region, approximately 28 kilometres north-north-east of the Brisbane CBD. It services the Redcliffe Central Business District, Peninsula, Sunshine Coast and surrounding suburbs.

Security Boxes
Free unlimited client access, with access to private viewing rooms for complete privacy and discretion when accessing your safety deposit box.

There are also discreet shelving within the vaults for private and quick withdrawal or deposit to your safety deposit box.

What Our Clients Say
I was very impressed with the overall layout and security of this facility. Staff were very professional, informative and helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
David W


I was really impressed with the safe locker I rented, but it was the after sales service that really impressed me professional & satisfying. Thank you team.
Francis Dunne


Excellent facility, very professional. I chose this company based on the fact that my collectibles are in a safe establishment, a way better option than having it kept at my home safe
Brad W

Sunshine Coast

I recently toured the facilities with a view to storing my valuables. I was very impressed. Facility seemed well thought out secure with all my needs covered. The foyer is very inviting and the operators friendly and welcoming.
Ryan E


Redcliffe is a coastal residential suburb of Moreton Bay and a part of Brisbane.
The town’s name originates from “Red Cliff Point” named by the explorer Matthew Flinders, referring to the red cliffs at Woody Point.
The Redcliffe Peninsula is one of the few suburbs in the Brisbane metropolitan area that enjoys a beach front lifestyle. Brisbane is famous for its waterfront living, and Redcliffe is one of the few suburbs that is directly situated on the waterfront.

It easily accessible from all directions, with an amazing lifestyle and community.  The Redcliffe Peninsula is the Number 1 place in Queensland to combine your business and Lifestyle. Private Vaults Australia is the only flood free  safe deposit boxes in Brisbane, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are safe is priceless. Our accessible, convenient location with unparallel security is also very affordable. Our Safe Deposit Boxes are available from, the price of a cup of coffee a week.

Private Vaults Australia is independent and separate to the banking system. Therefor all your items stored in PVA are guaranteed to be safe from the Australian governments Bank bail in law or a Fiat Currency collapse.